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Available in both in-office and take-home kits, Colgate’s Optic White Professional teeth whitening system simplifies bleaching treatment for patients and providers.

It is not a mystery why teeth whitening has become one of the most important trends in dentistry this year. The reactivation of social contacts and relaxation of mask restrictions make our smiles and our patient’s smiles more powerful and necessary than ever.

The whitening market is robust and expected to grow considerably in the coming years. The market value reached a stunning $5.8 billion in 2021, with a growth trend above 6%, according to Market Watch (April 2022).1 Whitening is a space where dental professionals can find an excellent revenue opportunity and offer patients a solution for a brighter smile.

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The history of whitening is quite interesting.2 There are countless reports describing the many whitening solutions and approaches used since ancient times. It was in the early 1990s when hydrogen peroxide was established as the most popular whitening agent, and a few years later it was discovered that a combination of light plus hydrogen peroxide offered the best whitening results. The “commercial whitening revolution” started when whitening trays were patented.

Ever since, innovation in whitening followed an incremental model, which was characterized by higher hydrogen peroxide or carbamide peroxide concentrations, longer application times, and more and larger components in the whitening systems or devices. The creativity of these dental professionals and their early and artisanal whitening systems was replaced by accessories, multiple steps and, sometimes, large equipment expenditures.

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Hydrogen peroxide is considered the most common agent in professional whitening and is expressed as hydrogen peroxide concentration. However, there are many other factors that contribute to successful treatment. Beyond the simple increments of hydrogen peroxide concentration or longer application times (which ultimately mean more chairtime), there is a lot of room for improvement and innovation.


The side effects of teeth whitening are widely known and well documented.3–5 Post-whitening sensitivity — caused by the undesired migration of free oxygen radicals to the pulp — is the chief concern and usually the main deterrent for patients who are considering whitening treatment. Dehydration, another common side effect, is usually caused by prolonged exposure to the whitening gel and may lead to suboptimal results and changes in tooth color shortly after treatment.


Leonardo da Vinci allegedly said that “simplicity is the ultimate form of sophistication,” and dentists understand that more components do not necessarily bring greater advantages. The last thing we need in our practices is more complications, steps or accessories. With this in mind, Colgate has designed Optic White Professional In-Office as a new and im­proved alternative for teeth whit­ening in your office.

Based on the same innovative technology released in Optic White Professional Take-Home, Colgate has addressed the most important difficulties in teeth whitening with a system that offers an optimized procedure in your practice, and reliable and repeatable results for your patients. Best of all, both the in-office and take-home systems are specifically designed for no sensitivity.

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The precise delivery of a 10% hydrogen peroxide serum, via brush tip pen, allows a controlled and customized in-office application that can be adjusted to your patient’s needs (Figure 1). No gingival barriers, trays or additional accessories are required. The system uses a patented LED device that delivers a shorter wavelength indigo light (in the range of 410 nm) that is applied for 10 minutes to optimize and accelerate the activation of the hydrogen peroxide in the whitening serum (Figure 2). The whitening film can be easily removed with an ethanol solution ­provided with the kit. This application process has been engineered to be repeated three times, allowing shorter treatment times. It’s possible to take small breaks during the application, making the experience more comfortable for the patient and less taxing for the professional.

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The patented, precise whitening serum application and comfortable indigo-spectrum LED device allow the Colgate Optic White Professional In-Office system to deliver up to six shades of whitening for your patients after the three applications. This technique offers minimal side effects, short treatment times, and is designed for a comfortable patient experience. By any measure, this is an excellent addition to your practice.


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From Decisions in Dentistry. August 2022;8(8)22, 24.

Innovative Whitening System Simplifies Tooth Bleaching - Decisions in Dentistry (2024)
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