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Axolotls are beloved and coveted by many pet enthusiasts. Their fluffy gills and expressive smiling faces are enough to make you go: “Yes, I want this one!” But their exotic pet status makes them difficult to find. Most pet stores don’t carry these unique salamanders. So, where can you buy one?

Axolotls for Sale - 10 Online Stores You Can Buy an Axolotl - Axolotl Nerd (1)

Well, today is your lucky day! I’ve put together a list of the most professional and accessible websites where you can find Axolotls for sale. The following ten sites are great options for those living in the US, Canada, or the UK. Keep reading more to learn about the best offers!

1. Axolotl Planet

Website –

Axolotl Planet is a Texas-based shop created by experienced Axolotl breeders, for enthusiastic pet lovers. They take pride in their work and set the highest quality standards. Their selection is constantly updated with only the healthiest Axolotl specimens, so you know you’re getting a sturdy pet. The company also treats the shipping of live pets with utmost serosity and guarantees a live pet on arrival.

– Prices

The shop offers a comprehensive Axolotl selection with specimens in all price ranges. Some of the cheapest Axolotls go for $84.99, which isn’t far from the prices you’ll see in other stores. The most expensive Axolotl you can buy, the Hypomelanistic Melanoid Axolotl, sells for $449.99.

The huge gap between these price ranges has to do with the morph, color, and rare features of some Axolotls. Luckily, you can filter your search to select or leave out any traits you desire. The website’s sale page lets you filter the search by price, morph, color, and special traits. The list of traits includes rare, common, green fluorescent protein, high-iridophore, and Axanthic.

Currently, there are thirteen morphs in stock, including three GFP and two Axanthic Axolotls. You also get the option to buy a “Mystery Axolotl” for $99.99. These Axolotls can come in any special morph, but they have minor imperfections so they don’t sell for their full potential price.

These Axolotls might have asymmetrical gills, small or missing limbs, damaged tails, or other abnormalities. However, the store vouches the animal is still in good health. They will send you the best-looking Mystery Axolotl in stock, depending on the number of orders they have.

– Shipping Details

Axolotl Planet will only ship their Axolotls via UPS Next Day Air. Because customer satisfaction and the safety of their animals are paramount, they will also organize their shipping schedule to avoid transit delays. They only ship live animals on Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday.

Just keep this in mind when you place your order. If you send your order on Friday, the store will ship it on Monday. You’ll receive your order one day after shipping, not the next day after placing the order online.

The shipping fee is $50.00. If you live in the area, you can also lift your order for free at the store’s physical location in Dallas, TX. Note that Axolotl Planet doesn’t ship their Axolotls to any state where the owning or importing of Axolotls is illegal. This includes states like California, New Jersey, New Mexico, and Maine. The company also doesn’t ship Axolotls outside of the US. So, if you don’t live in the USA, this option is not for you.

– Location & Contact Info

Axolotl Planet’s physical location is in Texas, at the address 1805 Royal Ln Suite 104, Dallas, TX 75229. You can also contact them by calling (214) 679-4013 or by writing them an email at

2. The Mottled Lotl

Website –

The Mottled Lotl is an online store created by a team of professional Axolotl breeders. They’re passionate about offering only the best Axolotls on the market. The health of their animals is very important, so they even offer free resources to help first-time Axolotl owners care for their pets. You can download multiple info sheets off their page, including an Axolotl care sheet, a tank cycling sheet, and a worm farm info sheet.

– Prices

The price of live Axolotls ranges from under $80, and up to $300. You can also purchase Axolotl eggs off their page, but these aren’t always in stock. Your search can be filtered according to age. You can choose between Axolotl eggs, juveniles, and adults.

You can also filter the search according to your price range. Most of the Axolotls in stock are up to $100. While you can’t filter by morph or color, there are still a few options to choose from if you want to spend a few minutes browsing. Right now, the store offers wild-type, GFP, golden albino, albino, copper, Axanthic copper, and mosaic Axolotls.

The cheapest specimen in store is the 3’’ wild-type Axolotl, which sells for just $40. Golden, copper, and albino Axolotls range from $90-$100. The most expensive morph is the $300 GFP Light Mel Mosaic Axolotl.

– Shipping Details

The Mottled Lotl ships its live Axolotls through FedEx for the shortest and safest time in transit. Most orders should arrive on Tuesday, usually by noon. All orders are sent out on the first Monday after purchase. The website strongly recommends choosing Express Overnight shipping when purchasing live animals. This guarantees the shortest time spent in traffic and it guarantees a live arrival.

The price of the delivery will depend on the shipping service you choose and on your location. Also, note that The Mottled Lotl doesn’t ship Axolotls to states where owning or importing them is illegal. Your order will be denied if you live in California, Maine, New Jersey, or New Mexico. The website also doesn’t ship abroad.

– Location & Contact Info

The Mottled Lotl doesn’t have a physical store address. But you can contact them by calling (440)-289-1671 or writing an email to You can also visit their official Facebook page for more information.

3. Fantaxies

Website –

Fantaxies is a small Axolotl business located in Colorado. They offer a huge variety of morphs. They also have informative articles about equipment and Axolotl care for first-time buyers. Their website is easy on the eyes and has a user-friendly interface.

Fantaxies makes finding and buying Axolotls online as easy as it gets. Another cool thing about this company is that they let you “meet” and learn more about their breeding Axolotls on their “about” page. Check out their beauties, including Tilly, Betty, Spotty, Kirby, and Poppy!

– Prices

You’ll find a dizzying number of morphs and colors to choose from on this website. The prices are as diverse as the types of Axolotls you can buy. The average morph will cost you between $75-$135. But some Axolotls are as expensive as $1,450! That’s the price for the 11” Mosaic GFP dark wild/golden Axolotl male, which is currently out of stock.

The cheapest Axolotl you can buy is $35-$115 and it’s the Scratch & Dent Axolotl. This is a category that includes “imperfect” Axolotls. If you don’t mind having a goofy Axolotl, even the rarest morph can be yours for up to $115! More common morphs can be as cheap as $35.

Speaking of morphs, the website lets you filter your search if you want to look for one specific type of Axolotl. You can look for albino, Axanthic, copper, golden, hypo, leucistic, melanoid, mosaic, or wild Axolotls. You can also search specifically for baby or adult Axolotls.

– Shipping Details

Fantaxies takes the safety of their animals very seriously. They take the liberty to postpone or reschedule shipping depending on the weather and postal service schedules. This helps them deliver on their promises, as they 100% guarantee live arrival. For the most part, their packages are sent out Monday through Wednesday after you place your order.

You can choose between three shipping methods:

  • Priority shipping: $25 for the first Axolotl, and $10 for each additional Axolotl
  • Express shipping: $65 for the first Axolotl, and $10 for each additional Axolotl
  • Overnight shipping: $85 for the first Axolotl, and $15 for each additional Axolotl

The shipping prices shouldn’t change according to your region, because Fantaxies uses flat rate shipping pricing. Fantaxies doesn’t ship to New Jersey, California, Maine, New Mexico, Hawaii, or D.C., where the owning or importing of Axolotls is either illegal or requires a license. Fantaxies is also a US-based business and doesn’t ship outside of the country.

– Location & Contact Info

You can contact a Fantaxies representative at the address, or by completing the form on their website. Fantaxies isn’t open to the general public, but they also provide local pickup service in the 80118 area of Colorado.

4. A Lot’l Axolotls

Website –

As you might have guessed by the website’s domain, A Lot’l Axolotls is based in Canada. This small company was created by passionate hobbyists who decided to turn their love for Axolotls into a business! You can order with confidence. They guarantee a healthy Axolotl upon arrival, and their many satisfied clients seem to agree! Your order will also come with an easy-to-follow, in-depth care guide.

– Prices

A Lot’l Axolotls blows away the competition when it comes to pricing. Even some of the rarer morphs, such as the GFP Axolotls, are still appropriate for most budgets. Their range goes from 20-50 Canadian dollars. The average price is $25-$30 for most morphs.

The cheapest Axolotls they offer are the $20 wild-type ones. Albino, leucistic. and golden morphs are all $25. Simple GFP morphs are $30, while the GFP melanoid Axolotl sells for $50.

You also have the option to purchase a specialty Axolotl. They come in rare morphs such as chimera or mosaic. But the specimens are far and few between, so they don’t have a set price. Instead, you can participate in an auction. Previous specialty Axolotls have sold for $261-$337.

You can’t filter your search on their website. However, their offer only includes 10 morphs, so browsing them all is quick and easy. You can currently find wild-type, leucistic, white albino, golden albino, melanoid, GFP wild-type, GFP leucistic, GFP white albino, GFP golden albino, and GFP melanoid Axolotls.

– Shipping Details

A Lot’l Axolotls is based in Canada, and only ships locally. However, the company works with reputable breeders in the US. If you live in the US and can’t find a seller, A Lot’l Axolotls will bring you into contact with a local Axolotl breeder.

For people living in Canada, A Lot’l Axolotls will ship their animals anywhere in the country. Shipping costs will depend on your region. If you’re lucky, you might also manage to lift your order for free. The company has an appointment-based local pickup service. If you live in Mississauga or Vaughan, you can contact your desired location to set an appointment.

– Location & Contact Info

A Lot’l Axolotls has two pick-up locations in Canada. You can set an appointment for either Mississauga or Vaughan. You’ll do so when completing the Axolotl purchase form on their website. You can directly contact a representative through the mini-chat on their website. Just click on the small blue text icon on the bottom-right corner of the screen. They also have an official Facebook page, if you’re interested.

5. Tina’s Happy Axolotls

Website –

Happy Axolotls is a small-scale Axolotl business from Pennsylvania. The owner, Tina, is an experienced Axolotl breeder. She also works in collaboration with a member of the Association of Amphibians and Reptile Veterinarians.

You’re guaranteed to receive a healthy, happy Axolotl with stable genetic traits. If any error occurs during shipping, the owner guarantees your money back for any Axolotl that arrives in any way other than originally described.

– Prices

This store has some of the most accessible prices I’ve seen. You can purchase a colorful, healthy Axolotl for just $50-$80. And no, these are not average prices. This is the entire price range on their website. The catch is that you can’t filter your search by morph or color. You’ll have to spend a bit more time browsing through the listings.

You can only filter your search by popularity, average rating, and price range. But let me make it easier for you. I’ve already gathered the relevant information. Happy Axolotls offers nine basic morphs— wild, albino, leucistic, melanoid, Axanthic, GFP, copper, golden, and pink. Besides the basic morphs, you can find any combination of these traits too.

You’ll also find wild, juvenile, and adult Axolotls within the listings. Baby and juvenile Axolotls are cheaper than adults. The cheapest Axolotl in stock is the $50 Wild Baby Axolotl. Other morphs range from $60-$80. You can also buy 25 eggs for $55 if that’s more your thing. Finally, if you’re lucky, you might catch one of their top offers. For $135, you can purchase a pair of Axolotl siblings!

– Shipping Details

Happy Axolotls only ships their Axolotls to clients within the US. They offer three shipping options:

  • FedEx Express
  • USPS Express
  • USPS Priority Mail.

However, the USPS Priority Mail might be restricted if you live in the Pacific Northwest (Washington, Oregon, Montana, Idaho, or Alaska). The store only ships in the most favorable conditions to guarantee live arrival.

If you choose FedEx Express or USPS Express, the store guarantees a refund for any dead-on-arrival Axolotl, including shipment costs. There are no shipping fees listed on the website. The costs will differ depending on the shipping service and your address. If you live in New Castle, PA, you also get the local pick-up option.

– Location & Contact Info

For any inquiries, you can contact the store through the contact form on their website. You’ll have to provide your name and e-mail address. Someone will answer you shortly, and you’ll be notified with a new message in your inbox.

6. Northern Axolotls

Website –

Northern Axolotls is a family-owned business located in Alaska. Shawn Hayes is the head and breeder behind this store and has decades of experience breeding and caring for Axolotls. The cool climate in Alaska makes the perfect environment for keeping and breeding these cold-water animals. Combined with the owner’s experience and love for Axolotls, this setting guarantees the healthiest, happiest pets you can find!

– Prices

Currently, the price of Axolotls ranges from $85-$295. The most affordable specimen in stock is the $85, 5’’ melanoid Axanthic copper Axolotl. The most expensive one is the $295, 8.5’’ melanoid Axanthic copper female.

Other morphs you can find in stock include:

  • GFP melanoid Axanthic copper Axolotls ($90)
  • Wild Axolotls ($115-$155, depending on size and sex of the specimen)
  • Dirty Melanoid Leucistic Axolotls ($95)
  • Melanoid Albino Axolotls ($175)
  • GFP Axanthic Axolotls ($225)
  • GFP Black Gilled Dirty Leucistic Axolotls ($245)

You can’t filter your search by morph or color. However, you can filter according to age and price. This is great if you want a juvenile, adult, or subadult Axolotl. Otherwise, you’ll have to read the listings closely if you’re looking for a specific color or type of Axolotl.

– Shipping Details

Northern Axolotls ships orders through either FedEx or USPS. The shipping price will depend on the service you choose and your location. The transit time is usually up to three days. Orders are shipped on Monday to avoid delays and guarantee live arrival.

The store offers a refund for any dead-on-arrival pet shipped through FedEx. Northern Axolotls ships throughout the US, excluding states like California, Maine, New Jersey, or DC. If you live in a state that requires a permit, you’ll have to provide the document before the shipping is made.

– Location & Contact Info

Northern Axolotls is located in Anchorage, AK, 99521-2516. Their PO Box number is 212516. You can contact them at the number 907-268-0650, or via e-mail at You can also visit their Facebook page or use the live chat box on their website.

7. Ivy’s Axolotls

Website –

Are you looking for a single place where you can buy live Axolotls, Axolotl food, starter equipment, and high-quality Axolotl-themed merchandise? Well, this is the website for you! This US-based company offers an impressive array of high-quality products to cover all your Axolotl-related needs. Ivy’s Axolotls also provides triple shipment protection, which means you get a 100% live arrival guarantee.

– Prices

There’s a huge variety in price. From what I’ve seen, the price for live Axolotls ranges from $35-$1,000. The cheapest specimen currently in stock is the $35, 4’’ Golden Dwarf Axolotl. This Axolotl was rescued and is looking for a new home. There are a couple more such Axolotls in store. The cheapest specimen bred by Ivy’s Axolotls is the $40 Fluffy Gilled 4’’ Juvenile Yellow Gilled Wild Axolotl.

The most expensive one in stock is the $1,000 Adult Male High White Sunrise Golden Albino. The store also has other rare morphs for upwards of $600. A cool thing about this company is that it lets you buy $30-$1,500 Axolotls in four interest-free payments. You can also send your friends a referral and get a $15 off coupon!

The store page lets you filter your search according to popularity, price, and alphabetical order. You can also choose between grid and list view. The list view gives quick access to extra search filters. Some of these include “adult female”, “adult male”, “albino”, “Axanthic”, “melanoid”, “black-gilled”, “clean leucistic”, “copper”, “GFP”, “RLG”, “wild”, and so on. You can also find any combination of traits on the list. Just know that not all morphs and colors might be available.

– Shipping Details

Ivy’s Axolotls ships through USPS. They deliver throughout the US, excluding the states where owning an Axolotl is illegal. If you live in a state that requires a permit, you can reach out to Ivy’s Axolotls and they’ll offer permit assistance.

The store organizes its shipping to avoid delays in transit. Orders are delivered only Monday through Wednesday and on Saturdays. Just know that your order might be sent out later than you might expect. There’s no list of shipping fees on the website. All shipping costs are calculated at checkout.

– Location & Contact Info

Ivy’s Axolotls is based in Seattle, WA. They don’t currently offer a physical address or PO box information. But you can directly contact them via e-mail at You can also reach them on their official Facebook page.

8. Pet Central

Website –

Pet Central has a different history than other websites on this list. This business originally opened as a physical store in Kentucky, where it still serves local clients to this day. In 2021, the store also started expanding its business to e-commerce. It offers a variety of pet supplies and live animals. Besides Axolotls, you can also order other amphibians, reptiles, and freshwater or saltwater fish.

This business has served hundreds of clients only since the time it expanded into the online space. The store has lots of positive reviews. Their official location is fully open to the public. For those who shop online, they offer a live arrival and pet health guarantee.

– Prices

Prices for live Axolotls range from $24.99-$89.99. As you can see, these babies are quite cheap compared to other offers. But there’s a catch. All the Axolotls sold by Pet Central are juveniles. The vast majority of specimens only measure 2-4’’. There’s also not a lot of variety to choose from.

The store only offers eight morphs. To save you some time, I’ve put them all together here, from cheapest to most expensive:

  • Wild Type Axolotl ($24.99)
  • White Albino Axolotl ($29.99)
  • Leucistic Axolotl ($34.99)
  • Copper Axolotl ($39.99)
  • GFP Axolotl ($39.99)
  • Axanthic Axolotl ($39.99)
  • Golden Albino Axolotl ($44.99)
  • Melanoid Axolotl ($89.99)

The page doesn’t let you filter your search according to morph or color. But all Axolotls are juveniles and there are only eight types to choose from. It shouldn’t take you more than a couple of minutes to browse the entire page.

– Shipping Details

Pet Central ships its products throughout the US. They offer three shipping options:

  • UPS Ground
  • USPS First Class Mail
  • USPS Priority Mail

The best shipping option will depend on your purchase. For live pets, USPS Priority Mail is recommended. To avoid shipping delays, the store sends its orders out Monday through Friday. Orders placed during the weekend will be sent out the following Monday.

There are no shipping fees listed right now. The shipping cost will be calculated at checkout. Note that the store offers free shipping for orders over $99.

– Location & Contact Info

Pet Central is located at 915 Lovers Ln B, Bowling Green, KY 42103. If you live in the area, you can skip out on the shipping costs. You can buy online and get a free same-day pickup in the store.

You can contact the store via email at, or through the chat button on their website. Or, you can also call (833) 210-9373 to speak directly to a representative. In the case of delays, damage, or other shipment problems, you can call their emergency number, 270-904-1112.

9. Preloved

Website –

For those living in the UK, Preloved is a good place to find a cheap Axolotl. You can filter your search by location, and you can introduce any keywords you want. Note that this website isn’t a specialized pet store.

You can find virtually anything sold here. The Axolotls you buy might not come from a professional breeder. Many offers are from previous owners who can no longer keep their pets. If you’re lucky, you can give an Axolotl a new forever home for free!

– Prices

There’s a lot of variety here. The price will depend on the morph, age, sex, and even subjective appreciation of the seller. Some people put their Axolotls up for free. On average though, common morphs sell for £20.

The most expensive offer I’ve seen is £70 for 9’’ adult females. You’ll have to browse the listings and keep an eye out for the best buy. New ads pop up every day. You never know what you’re going to find!

– Shipping Details

Preloved isn’t directly responsible for the shipping of your order. This website only acts like a platform between private sellers and clients. Thus, any decision related to shipping services and costs will be the responsibility of the seller. To find out more details, you should contact the seller directly before placing your order.

Note that shipping live animals this way can be risky. Your Axolotl might die in transit. This is more likely if your seller isn’t experienced or knowledgeable about the best shipping options and packaging techniques. Be very careful when agreeing to a certain shipping service. If express shipping or overnight shipping is available, these should always be your first options.

– Location & Contact Info

Preloved doesn’t offer an email address or phone number on their website. However, if you need additional information about adverts, memberships, or secure payments, you can use their contact page. For information about your order, you should contact the private seller or chosen delivery service directly.

10. Kijiji

Website –

Kijiji is the leading online platform for thrifting. This website helps you get into contact with private sellers all over Canada. You’ll find anything your heart desires. And yes, this includes live Axolotls. What is more, the website comes with a bilingual interface. You can browse the offers in English or French. You can also place your own ad as a buyer. Just make a “wanted” listing and let the offers pour in!

– Prices

The Axolotls you’ll find come from private sellers. Thus, you can find a variety of prices. The cheapest offer currently on the site is $10 Canadian for juvenile Axolotls, with no morph or color information provided.

Most popular offers range between C $20-$40. The majority of the morphs are either albino, leucistic, or wild-type. Juvenile Axolotls are also cheaper than adults. The most expensive offers I could find are for adult albino males, selling for $150-$250 each.

The offers change constantly. You never know when you’ll find a rare morph for an advantageous price. If you’re lucky, you might even get an Axolotl together with the tank and supplies for half the price!

– Shipping Details

Kijiji doesn’t directly provide shipping for your purchases. All the shipping details, including fees, shipping provider, and estimated arrival date are discussed between the seller and the buyer.

Buying from a first-time pet seller poses risks. You want your Axolotl to be packaged and shipped correctly. Avoiding transit delays is also crucial. Luckily, Kijiji lets you filter your search according to location and seller status.

For example, if you want to purchase from a registered breeder living in Ontario, you can use these search filters specifically. Buying from professional sellers near you is the best way to ensure live arrival.

– Location & Contact Info

Kijiji doesn’t provide direct services. Thus, their physical location is not open to the public. They also don’t list a phone number or email on their website. But if you have any inquiries, you can find detailed information on their help desk page. For information about your order, contact the private seller or shipping provider.


Maybe you can’t find Axolotls in local shops near you. But you’ll certainly strike gold when searching online. The websites I’ve included in this article offer a good variety for accessible prices. Many cheap beautiful Axolotls are waiting for adoption. Remember, common morphs are cheapest, especially the juveniles. Certain shops also offer “imperfect” Axolotls for a discount price.

If you live in the US, your options include Axolotl Planet, The Mottled Lotl, Fantaxies, Tina’s Happy Axolotls, Northern Axolotls, Ivy’s Axolotls, and Pet Central. For my Canadian readers, A Lot’l Axolotls is very similar to the US websites.

They are professional breeders and guarantee the health and live arrival of their animals. Finally, Preloved (UK) and Kijiji (Canada) let you adopt previously owned Axolotls for a fraction of the price!

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Updated: August 26, 2022

Axolotl Fun Facts

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What is the rarest axolotl? ›

Mosaic and hypomelanistic axolotls are among the rarest and most sought-after morphs in the axolotl community. Their unique appearance and genetic traits make them highly desirable for enthusiasts and pet owners alike!

Is it safe to buy axolotls online? ›

Shipping axolotls directly to you is one of the safest and most efficient ways of purchasing them. We have shipped thousands of axolotls to new families all around the United States! Do I need to make an appointment to visit your store? We do not require an appointment to visit our store.

How many axolotls are left? ›

Axolotls are Mexican Amphibians, falling under the salamander category, and they live in two lakes, including Lake Xochimilco and Lake Chalco in Mexico. The Axolotl is a species scientists are apprehensive about going extinct soon; they estimate that there are only about 50 to 1,000 left in the wild.

Do axolotls need a friend? ›

Axolotls tend to be fairly bold and are perfectly content to move about their tank as they're being watched by their humans. Some will come up to the side of their tank when a person is there observing them. However, they aren't particularly social animals and don't require any tank companions.

Is it OK to touch axolotl? ›

Humans can touch an Axolotl anytime. There is nothing on their skin that can hurt a human. Keep in mind that before you touch an Axolotl, make sure to wash and disinfect your hands. Avoid transferring bacteria or contaminants from human skin to the Axolotl.

Do blue axolotls exist? ›

The blue axolotl is by far the rarest colour and has a 0.083% chance of spawning, either naturally or via the breeding of adults with other colours.

Are axolotls real or fake? ›

Axolotls are native to lakes and wetlands in southern Mexico City, particularly Lake Xochimilco and Lake Chalco. But both lakes have been drained to reduce floods, with Lake Chaco almost completely disappearing. Axolotls are confined to the canals of these lakes, and possibly a third lake, Chapultepec.

Can axolotls smell? ›

Axolotls possess numerous sensory sys- tems, including gustation, electro- and mechanoreception, vision, tactile senses, and olfaction.

Can I buy axolotl eggs? ›

If we happen to be pairing a couple, we will have eggs available on a limited basis for purchase. These get shipped after they have beaned and well before hatching. After that, it is up to you. Keep an eye out on our availability sections for pairings you may like to raise.

Can you keep 2 axolotls? ›

To minimize the risk of axolotls trying to cannibalize each other, they have to be very well fed, have plenty of decorations in their tank to allow them to break line of sight of one another, and they need to be the same size because a larger axolotl will be likely to try and eat the smaller.

Can axolotls count to 3? ›

They're Surprisingly Intelligent

Some studies even suggest that axolotls have the ability to count up to at least 3, a cognitive feat that most would not expect from a salamander!

Are axolotls endangered in 2024? ›

Yes. As a result of climate change, these species will continue to experience decreases in suitable natural habitats due to droughts.

Do axolotls like being picked up? ›

Axolotls are not the feistiest exotics: they are usually pretty sedentary, and spend most of their time just relaxing and looking adorable. Keep in mind that these guys are easily stressed out. Being handled, bright lights, poor water quality, and overcrowding can all make them unhappy and uneasy.

Is an axolotl a good pet for a kid? ›

“They're high maintenance, we wouldn't encourage you to handle them, they need a quiet place, they need space, and they live 10 to 15 years. So in most cases – no, they do not make good companion animals.” “In most cases their welfare needs cannot be met in captivity.”

What is the rarest axolotl spawn? ›

Axolotls now spawn only in total darkness and where there's a block with base_stone_overworld tag less than 5 blocks below the spawning space. Blue axolotls no longer naturally spawn, and can be obtained only through breeding. Axolotls now spawn only in lush caves.

Are black axolotls rare? ›

Axolotls, the fascinating aquatic creatures with regenerative abilities, come in a variety of colors and patterns. One of the most intriguing and less common varieties is the melanoid, or black axolotl.

How much is a rare axolotl? ›

Piebald Axolotl

Piebald is a rare color mutation found on Axolotls, which costs around $300. It is a variation of the Leucistic one, which has pigmentation in its face.

Can an axolotl be pink? ›

Wild axolotls are a mottled brown-grey colour, but they can also be albinos. These are missing brown pigments and look pinkish-white. This attractive colouration is desirable in the pet trade and has been selectively bred for.

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